Journalism and Social Media

Kathleen Kelley
1 min readJul 30, 2020


I learned social media important to communicate with people as Journalists in this day and age and does help spread their story to the public. Challenges of social media include ruining your career if you accidentally post something that people do not like or causing people to remember your mistakes forever. I do not know how people do it as it is extremely taxing and is something extra to remember to do that is work related.
An example of news organizations using social media to spread their stories is The New York Times on Twitter.

This is one of their more recent stories and using Twitter allows more people to see the story without paying for the New York Times so at least they are aware of what is going on as far as Corona virus and possible progress.

I have seen news organizations go to places such as Twitter to promote their stories.

Top five tip list for journalists using Twitter:

1. Don’t tweet only twice a month. Consistency is key.

2. Respond to followers if they have a question. Don’t respond too much.

3. Share interesting stories people should know about that aren’t your own.

4. Use hashtags, but do not overdo it.

5. Make tweets about a story as you’re writing it. Leave breadcrumbs so people come back for more.



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